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So two nights ago i was woken up by shouts of “Fire!” “FIRE!!!” coming from outside my window. it had been a particularly hot evening and NEPA had done their usual by fluctuating the currents from very low to extremely high, so high that light-bulbs started popping like fireworks on the fourth of July. I eventually had to go downstairs and turn off the power from the change over switch so as not to wake up with any burnt equipment.


Anyway, i had gone to sleep not more than a few hours when the harsh,panicked voice woke me up. i sat up in bed groggily, wondering why my room was so bright and so hot at the same time. i walked to the balcony and opened the door-and there was a wall of fire starring right back at me! i was still stunned. I was like, Is this a dream? The fire was actually coming from the old office duplex beside ours and was now more than 50% engulfed in flames. I have never seen such a huge conflagration in my life.While still pondering the matter, the roof of the building burst into flames before my very eyes. I quickly carried my documents and prized possessions and ran downstairs, Everywhere was pitch dark but i was able to find my way through without bumping into anything. I got outside just about the same time that my neighbor did. Without saying a word to each other we both jumped into our cars and he screamed at the security guard(who was sleeping through the whole thing!) to wake up and open the gate. The security guard groggily walked out of his cubicle, saw the fire and rushed to open the gate. In moment we had zoomed out. The Landlord appeared soon after, along with half of the street.


The building continued to burn violently and we could hear little explosions inside the apartments. Luckily, no one was inside. our landlord was putting his hands on his head, watching as the fire came closer and closer to his property. and someone screamed at him to call the fire service. No one else had their number but he did. So he put a call out and they answered;


“Fire service, Abuja. How may we help you?”


Our landlord was devastated. “Abuja? Abuja?! I’m in Warri!”


“Calm down sir,” the voice at the other end of the line said. “Where is your address?”


He gave it, and in less than 20minutes we heard the sound of sirens as the fire-engine pulled into our street. It was amazing! Everybody cheered as the fire-fighters came out in their shiny uniforms and put out the fire in a couple of minutes. The Land lord was so happy, he slapped someone one the back, who promptly collapsed on the floor. in the next one hour everyone had returned to their beds. While i was happily climbing upstairs i missed my footing and stubbed my big toe. The pain was excruciating. I had to have it bandaged the next day.


All this happened on Wednesday morning, about four days ago to be precise. i wanted to upload my experience, maybe even snap the gory sight of my traumatized toe,but so many things got in the way, time passed and before I knew it, it was Sunday.


That’s the thing about updating your blog. You think you are going to be regular and before you know it, you start lagging behind. I’ve been thinking of how to fix this, kind of like set priority days when I’ll update, and after much brainstorming, I have come up with a solution.


Updates will now be on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Those will be my priority days. This will also include updating my series, the claw, the tail,and the cross.


By doing this, I hope to prioritize my time more, giving equal care and attention to my blog so that it can grow.

Or what do you think?