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Two things happened that night…

She met him in his dreams…the seductress. She smiled as she spun her web of seductive suggestions around him, they shone like red silver wires and wrapped around his supine form as they sought to make him prisoner. She smiled to herself. She said she would not seduce him, but this was not him, at least not technically. She had spied the raw form of energy deep within his soul as he uttered words of unbridled bravery and she had marvelled. Perhaps she could steal this one away for a moment, she thought, as she wrapped the last line of red silver thread around him. This young boy within a man, so innocent looking in his deep slumber. She raised a fisted hand triumphantly as her red silver rope began to drag away her prize…

Chukwudi the stronger felt the wire wrapped around him. He let it continue because it was ticklish. He had no interest in seeing who was trying to disturb him, not yet. But now, now that it actually had the audacity to drag him away like a fly caught in a spider’s web, he reacted. He broke free of his red silver bonds as if they were indeed made of cobwebs and stood up, his curly black hair burning brightly and ready for war. She shrieked and threw a fireball at him and he caught it, laughing. As she watched in amazement, he ignited the ball further with some fire of his own and threw it back. She screamed and jumped out of its way but not after some of the flames burnt her hand. He laughed again and pointed at her.

“Keep your fins to yourself woman, or I will have your lower half for dinner!”

She backed off slowly and was soon lost in the foggy plains of this dreamworld. Chukwudi the stronger laughed again, lay down on his side, closed his eyes and went back to bed.




And the second thing that happened was…

He stood there in the clearing, watching the live band play highlife music. The light was poor but that was what attracted the customers. Cigarette smoke wafted through the air and his nostrils flared for want of oxygen. He couldn’t see the faces of people around clearly and he wondered why that was…

He saw the girl walk with the men to the car and knew she was in imminent danger. He tried running after her to stop her but the faster her ran, the slower he became and soon the car zoomed off with the girl as passenger.

His heart skipped a beat and a pain shot through his chest as if from a dagger. He saw her stagger out of the car and towards the clearing, crying, praying, and he tried to help but she didn’t see him. He shouted for her to run but there was something wrong. She stumbled and fell and then he saw the thing come out of the car, sleek, calm, a confident killer. He shouted for help but his voice was not carried by the cold evening wind.
He thought of what to do, even as he watched the creature approaching her and licking its sharp pointy teeth. He saw her eyes begging for the junction, that party which she had just left, that place filled with people…

Suddenly he knew what to do. He willed himself back to the party. Everyone else was busy dancing and laughing but there was this man sitting alone at the corner, his table filled with half a dozen empty bottles of beer he had just conquered. He went up to the man and whispered in his ear.

“You need to pee.”

His voice was so low, he doubted the man heard him but he persisted.

“You need to pee. Your bladder is full and about to burst. You need to pee. You need to pee. You need..”

The man burped and stood up and said to no one in particular

“Abeg I wan(hic) go piss(hic)…”

The drunk stumbled off and he followed him, whispering suggestions in his mind, willing him to go towards the girl. Finally they arrived at a convenient place and the man began to urinate. He watched as the creature grabbed its victim by the calf of her leg and began to drag her off. He hoped, prayed, willing the drunk to move forward but was unsuccessful. He had almost given up hope when the girl managed a little scream.

“Hey…HEY! What are you doing? Wetin be dat?” The drunk yelled, quickly hiding his private member. The drunk fiddled in his pocket and brought out a torch. When its beam of light fell on the beast the drunk let out a scream that was far more effective than the girl’s own.

He watched as the crowd ran to the spot and the blue Camry zoomed off. She would survive, thank GOD.

He was in the blue Camry. The driver was apologizing to the beast and the beast was howling angrily. He tried to pick out what they were saying.


“Look I said I was sorry! I shouldn’t have let her out”

“Where do I get my next meal from now?”

“I could buy a goat for you tomo…”


“okay, okay…maybe if we go to the other side of town…”

“Not tonight! It’s already late. I can hold off till tomorrow. Maybe I can make a snack out of your other arm eh?”


Be quiet!!! Someone else is here…”

And the creature squinted its eyes, sniffed the air and looked at HIM.
He struggled to get out of the car but couldn’t. The creature gazed in his direction for a moment then snarled and bared its fangs at him. He screamed and tore at whatever was holding him to the seat.

And then I woke up.