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The title above is supposed to read “Who am I?” but I have such a hard time talking about myself, I don’t know why. Maybe its because i may not accurately know who I am yet, and i am a perfectionist, i don’t want to make a mistake or give the wrong impression. so I thought “What am I about” would be more appropriate.

I’m about stories. Short or long, real or imagined. I am about writing down amazing things that have happened to me or others, stories that i have heard about, things that will be out of the ordinary, things that should make you the reader, expand your thoughts. My greatest desire is to make you think thoughts you have never thought before. My aim is to take you on a fantastical journey of the mind, to help you re-live the bizzaire, the ugly, the sweet and the odd experiences of others in the comfort of your own home.I am about you sitting down to read an exciting story on your laptop or phone or ipad with a warm cup of coffee by your side and your dog (who secretly is your guardian angel sent to protect you for a stipulated time on this earth, maybe) at your feet.

I hope you enjoy reading my work as much as i enjoy writing it.