It’s past 2am in the night and very quiet, the only sound being made is the soft dull pattering thud of her flat and Unclad feet as she tries to run as fast as her legs can carry her. The streets are empty, not surprisingly as the small but fast growing town of asaba has gone to sleep. She would give anything now to see a sign of human life; vigilantes, men of the underworld even, any human being would be far better than the thing that is chasing her down the street.

She turns around and panicks when she sees it is catching up. Its movement is absurd, seemingly clumsy as it hobbles on all fours, and yet it has already shortened the distance between them since the chase began a few moments ago. She opens her mouth to scream but the substance she unknowingly drank is still in full effect. All she can do now is sob as she increases her speed, adrenaline coursing through her veins, the short shiny green dress she wore aiding her in leg movement, her matching high heels having being kicked off many yards away.

The young man in the blue Camry watches the race with cruel pleasure. It is always a welcome scene when they run. He knows this part of town very well and is quite sure the vigilante group on duty won’t be anywhere here for another hour or two. He grins as he watches the prostitute’s futile attempts at escape and hope the chase doesn’t end too soon. The drink she foolishly accepted from him when she entered his car will prevent her from using her voice for only a few minutes but he knows a few minutes is all she has.
The lady trips and falls on the tarred road. He watches as the beast pounces on top of her, grasps her in its jaws and shakes her from side to side like a rag doll. He gets excited as he sees her raise up her hand in a feeble attempt at defense as the creature tears at her innards. Somewhere in his sick mind he regrets giving her the drink. It would have been Intimate to hear her screams, but the only sound to be heard at this distance is the faint “thump” as the creature throws the prostitute’s lifeless body on the hard tarred road. He sighs, a little disappointed that the show is over already. The creature lumbers back to the car and he stretches backwards to open the rear door.
“You could have at least played with her a little bit more you know…”
The creature growls unintelligibly and jumps into the back seat.
“No blood on the seats, please!” He yells, though he makes no physical attempt to prevent the creature from staining the upholstery. He doesnt want to get his arm bitten off.
The creature ignores him and settles down in the backseat of the Camry, twitching its two tails under its sleek, muscular body. It begins to give off a sickly howl and the man quickly winds up the windows, puts on the air conditioning and some music. He hates this part.

The creature howls louder and fidgets, turning around on the seat and then, despite the noise of the air conditioning and the loud music, he hears bone cracking. He does not turn around but watches, a little sickened, through the rear-view mirror at what is going on in the back seat. The creature’s spine visibly shifts and elongates. The skull bone breaks and reforms, the knobbly limbs crack and enlarges and the two tails fuse and become one long tail, now one short tail, now a stub of flesh, and then finally disappears. The face of the beast exhibits excruciating pain and fear and its mouth is open in a wide pitiful snarl. He can still make out pieces of flesh between its teeth and he remembers the corpse outside. He starts the car and drives the car a few meters forward. Quickly he opens the door, armed with a large plastic bag, black leather gloves and a short shovel. He puts on the gloves and proceeds to gather up the remains of the young girl. They’ll be good for a snack later. He puts the remains in the boot and brings out the carcass of the young goat they had killed earlier and places it carefully in the pool of blood on the road. He goes back into the car, pulls off his gloves and drops them carefully in a clean black polythene bag. He’ll dispose of those later.

“Idi0t!” He hears a gutteral whisper from the back. “This is the third time you are letting me chase down a meal!”

He turns around, a smile on his face to look at the Unclad man now seated in the back seat. His face is still contorted from the receding pain.

“Look me in the eye and tell me you didn’t enjoy it.” He says, still smiling.

The man at the back lets out a dangerous growl. “Its not safe! What if somebody saw us?”

“They would be too frightened to say anything. Relax man.” He says as he turns on the ignition and puts the car into gear.

The Unclad man becomes silent. He seems to ponder something.
“I still haven’t completely transformed. I don’t know what I am not doing right. My ancestors would call me a disgrace…”

“Your ancestors had wise old people who worshipped them and took care of them and taught them what they needed to know. Be patient.”

“Yes…but still,” the mam at the back groans as the last bone in his spine snaps back into place.

‘Let’s discuss this at home, alright?” The other man says as he shifts the car into gear. The vehicle jumps forward, crushing the carcass of the goat and mixing its blood with that of the girl. Anyone now that looked at the scene would regard it as nothing more than roadkill.

And the blue Camry drove silently into the night.