My name is chuks B-. And I have the sight. Pachios has explained that I did not relinquish my spiritual eyes before being born in the earth realm. Pachios is my guardian angel. At a massive 6ft 4inches and a body filled with bulging muscles laying a foundation for an extremely handsome but beardless face, he is quite formidable to look at- if you could see him.

Maybe I’m getting a bit ahead of myself here, maybe I should start from the beginning.

I had a perfectly normal birth, no problems to my mother whatsoever. My father was absolutely ecstatic, having a son to begin his new family with. if I could talk I guess I would have told him I would be his only issue, as I saw the gateway through my mom’s womb shut permanently immediately I came through. She wasn’t being punished or anything, it was simply what she had asked for before coming to the earth realm. Of course she wouldn’t remember it, no one did once they passed through the veil. No one that is, except special people like me. I remember it all.

The second time I used my sight was at the age of one when mum decided to get a house help to assist her in her chores and also to take care of me. As soon as she walked through the front door, all smiles and innocent-like, I saw what she was. She had barely gotten her bags unpacked before I chased after her, giggling, a fresh twig in my hand and gave that witch the flogging of her life. She screamed in agony but couldn’t explain to my parents why a small stick in my hand would cause her so much pain. After 2 more days of flogging she ran away and was never seen or heard from again .

Brb, will continue later. My boss, who has a greed demon sitting squarely on his head, is watching me. Dosent like me touching my phone while at work…

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